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The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a government scheme to provide an inclusive opportunity and supporting a better life for people living with disability across Australia.
The ‘A’ stands for the independent agency that delivers the ‘S’ scheme to people across Australia.

The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission is responsible for a range of functions under the National Quality and Safeguarding Framework aimed at protecting and preventing harm to people with disability in the NDIS market. The Commission will build the capability of NDIS participants and providers to uphold the rights of people with disability and realise the benefits of the NDIS. The legislation underpinning the NDIS is intended to support participants to be informed purchasers and consumers of NDIS supports and services and to live free from abuse, neglect, violence and exploitation.

It depends on how your NDIS is managed. There are three ways on how your plan is approved: Agency Managed, Plan Managed or Self-Managed. To answer this question, we should break it into 6 questions:

  1. a) Will the support help you to reach the goals in your NDIS plan? The support you would like to use must be linked to the support budgets and goals in your current NDIS plan and related to your disability.
  2. b) Is the support reasonably priced and good value? The type of support must give you value-for-money in compassion to the other options. You can choose to pay less and get more supports or paying more for a higher support that meet your needs through self-management.
  3. c) c. Can you afford the support within your support budget? The NDIS funding in your plan needs to last for the duration or the length of your plan approval. Your support coordinator works closely with your plan manager, planner or LAC to support you to track your funding.
  4. d) Will these supports help you to connect with your community and improve the relationships you have with family and friends? Therefore, the supports you requests should help you to participate in activities with people who you would like such as friends and community or assist you to find or keeping a job.
  5. e) Could the supports you need be funded by other government services? Because your NDIS plan funded supports will not include supports that is provided by other government services. Such as dental, health, hospital services, medication, university or TAFE course fess.
  6. f) Is the support safe? It has to be in safe practice and must be legal. This type of support should not cause harm to you or other people at risk.

Can Support, support coordinators can get the support you need to focus on coordinating your network of supports, your future needs through planning and support you with anything that could be unexpected along your journey.

You must have access to the NDIS first and then through a planning conversation with either your Local Area Coordinator (LAC) or an NDIS planner who will then determine the need for a support coordinator. Each individuals’ circumstances are different and therefore, it is based on reasonable and necessary needs. Please contact one of our team members on or call us on 0424 404 888

There are 3 levels of support coordination at national, remote and very remote areas – which is dependant of your location. The prices may change annually as per NDIS price guide is issued. These are the line items for the support coordination:

line item for level 1: 07_001_0106_8_3

line item for level 2: 07_002_0106_8_3

line item for level 3: 07_004_0132_8_3

If you are a current client, contact with your Support Coordinator to understand how you can continue with your service via telehealth. If you are a new client, contact with one of our team members on or call us on 0424 404 888.

Yes, we have support coordinators available to work with you to help you learn how to access online services and how to use your mobile phone, tablets or computers. Please contact Can Support to learn more information.

Your best preferred method is the best way. You can contact us on online, call, text, or email Can Support. You can let us know that you need to cancel your appointment. Your Support Coordinator will provide you with assistance.

We charge per hour as informed by your NDIS planner. We support you to understand your NDIS plan and explain the number of hours approved to supports you through the service your need and to ensure your support needs are working and help resolve any problems that rise throughout your NDIS journey.

We follow your instructions through your preferred communication approach. The support coordinators can help with lodging a complaint with internal or external organisations. We will follow up with a review of the complaint to ensure our improvement of service delivery. There are other organisations that we can also refer you to if you would feel more comfortable communicating with them. Such as an Advocacy group or government agencies that will assist you with your complaint. We like to learn more about your feedback good or bad through

We coordinate all service and assistance to live an independent life or shared independent living and accommodation services. This includes Specialised Disability Accommodation (SDA) and School leaver employment supports (SLES). We support all participants aged above 7. Our focus is on you to reaching your goals through your NDIS plan.

Accessing services through knowledgeable team in your preferred method such as in person, phone call, emails, SMS, WhatsApp, Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meets or any other virtual application to:

  • Reduced waiting time for services
  • Improved continuity and frequency of service supports
  • Quick and responsive service
  • Community knowledge
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